Heccus Turbo

¡The HECCUS is more than a Cavitation!

It is the latest technology equipment that helps us not only in reducing localized fat and also helpd us in the management of cellulite, getting more effective results


Soprano diode laser hair removal

Our laser hair removal technology removes a high percentage of unwanted hair with minimal pain. Technology recommended by cosmetic doctors and dermatologists, being one of the safest and most effective in the market.
triatherm cali - Dr. Oscar Gaona

Triatherm - tripolar radiofrequency

The facial radiofrequency combats in a safe and effective way the flaccidity of the skin stimulating the own collagen and for the management of the corporal contour.

Thermax GYM

It is a High Performance Russian Currents equipment, with simultaneous application of infrared.



It is one of the best techniques to combat cellulite, excess body fat, flaccidity and aging of the body and face.


Thork - Shock waves

Shock waves are single pulse acoustic waves that reach a very high pressure peak in a very short time.


Endermedik manages the technology of Endermology which is a technique recognized worldwide for the treatment of cellulite, reduction of localized fat and body contouring.

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